Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Migrating to Nubi Websites

Nubi Websites builds high-converting online sites with an all-in-one service.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 20, 2024 / — When building a website, small business owners face a lot of challenges. One, most website-building platforms online only offer hosting, which means that small business owners will still have to pay thousands to hire developers and designers to build their sites. Two, when the time comes that they need to make changes to the website, they need to hire developers or designers again. To solve this problem, Nubi Websites — a no-code, all-in-one solution for building websites, guides small business owners from the ground up, from building their website, providing upkeep, and revamping it annually, at an affordable rate.

“Let’s be real, small business owners don’t want to build their website. A website is your digital home, and the best way I like to explain our mission is with this analogy: Hosting for your website is the equivalent of buying land for your home. Website Design is like hiring an architect. Web Development is like hiring a builder. Nubi offers you all of that, for just $89 a month,” said Nubi Websites Founder and Major Oni CEO.

With Nubi Websites, small business owners are presented with website templates that clients can choose from. It also has a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality that’s easy to use. Made for non-technical business owners, Nubi has over 36 powerful design elements with global colors and fonts. Anyone can do visual editing as it has a no-code backbone.

Feedback for Nubi Websites has completely endorsed the brand and its approach. When asked for a testimonial about their experience with Nubi, clients mention these top five themes of why Nubi stands out, giving them reasons to migrate their online shops to the brand:

SEO Optimization

Nubi comes with SEO optimization services to help websites rank higher on search engines and be optimized for speed. Say goodbye to SEO specialists or developers. Nubi ensures its client’s website converts so business owners get their investment in time.

Cost Efficiency

At Nubi, there’s no room for expensive website costs and maintenance. The team at Nubi ensures small businesses get a high-converting and fully managed website.

Free Revamps Yearly

For $89 a month, small business owners get edits or a full website revamp every year – for free! Nubi understands that life and trends move fast, that’s why websites should remain competitive with industry standards and their peers.

Add-On Services

Nubi also offers additional services such as printing and social media management to boost its clients’ digital presence and growth. These additional services can be found on the user dashboard and start at just $19. This allows businesses to focus on their operations while Nubi takes care of their online presence.

Dedicated Design Team

Nubi’s design team is up to any challenge – they are on their A-game when it comes to designing, refining, and building the dream sites of small businesses. While some of Nubi’s competitors brag about having AI-built sites for its clients, Nubi knows that a website made by professionals tops any AI-powered website at any given time.

As small businesses navigate the digital-first landscape, Nubi Websites is here to guide them from start to end. Whether it’s a website for dental offices, law firms, attorneys, small businesses, medical spas, non-profit organizations, or real estate companies, Nubi is here to help build their digital home. To sign up for its services or learn more about the company, visit now.

About Nubi Websites

Nubi Websites is an all-in-one solution dedicated to empowering small businesses to establish their online presence and company identity. More than just a product, Nubi offers a comprehensive service. The company builds, maintains, and annually revamps websites to keep them competitive and aligned with industry trends.

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